When Is Online Gambling Legal in Massachusetts?

Bay State residents currently have numerous legal gambling options available to them, including sports betting, daily fantasy sports (DFS), horse racing, online poker and the Massachusetts State Lottery. There may be certain limitations or restrictions placed upon how and where people may gamble so it’s essential that before placing bets you learn all relevant regulations and rules.

MA has a legal gambling age of 21; however, bettors aged 18 can place bets on horse races, the lottery and charity gambling games. Massachusetts offers a Responsible Gaming Framework to assist with managing gambling habits and prevent problem gambling, while The Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling offers counseling and support for gamblers experiencing issues with compulsive gambling. Furthermore, their Public Health Trust Fund dedicates between $15-20 Million each year towards programs dedicated to research, prevention and treatment of problem gambling.

Sports betting first launched in Massachusetts in March 2023 with six legal sportsbooks operating both online and in person, providing full lists of legal sportsbooks in MA here. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission offers an exhaustive list of legal wagers including futures bets on popular sports such as NFL Draft. However, bets involving esports, cornhole, chess or Jai alai tournaments overseen by Belorussian or Russian governing bodies are prohibited in Massachusetts.

Although online gambling has grown increasingly popular, some remain concerned about its effects on society and individual well-being. Many fear the risk of addiction among youth and immigrant communities; therefore it’s crucial that lawmakers work on strategies to address this problem while encouraging responsible gambling practices.

With new laws and expanded options, it has never been more important to gamble responsibly. Massachusetts’ online gambling landscape has improved but more needs to be done; legislators and regulators need to monitor gambling providers to ensure they meet their responsible gaming responsibilities.

Apart from state-regulated sportsbooks, a number of offshore books accept bets from Massachusetts residents. While these sites may provide better odds and higher payouts, they are unregulated and subject to legal action from state regulators or agencies. Therefore, it’s wiser to play at regulated online casinos that provide fair odds and safe gameplay. If you need assistance choosing an online gambling site, review the MGC’s list of approved sportsbooks or contact your local casino for advice. In addition, voluntary self-exclusion programs may also be offered online, via phone and at casinos. This will prevent you from betting at any Massachusetts-licensed sportsbook and give you the control over your finances that is so essential in protecting from gambling-related problems and staying on top of finances. There are also free tools that can assist in monitoring spending habits like the Responsible Gaming Framework and PlayMyWay that track spending patterns while helping reduce losses.

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