How to Arrange Makeup on a Dressing Table

The dressing table is at the core of every makeup lover’s bedroom – and a key part of their beauty routine. However, when it comes to morning preparations for events like work interviews or date night dates, an unorganized vanity can quickly turn into an infuriating maze of confusion! With some careful thought and preparation however, your dressing table can become both practical and attractive space that makes getting ready an enjoyable process!

Start by purging any products you no longer need and sorting the rest into categories – skincare, complexion, eyes and lips are good ones to start with – such as drawer dividers for quick and easy organization or opt for a professional cosmetic trolley with compartments to help keep everything neatly organised.

Alternately, larger items such as hairspray or perfume bottles could be stored on a wall rack instead of your dressing table drawers. A free standing light-up mirror would also be an invaluable asset in your vanity – for instance Conair offers several great models featuring regular magnification on both sides so you can easily see every aspect of your look!

Finally, empty jars or containers that you are willing to empty out can make great storage solutions for small products such as bobby pins and makeup brushes. Doing this creates a neater and minimalist aesthetic on your vanity while reminding you of its contents in case it gets forgotten or purchased twice by mistake.

As part of the makeup organizing process, the final step should be arranging products thoughtfully so they’re easily accessible and look appealing when displayed. Group similar products together so it’s easier to locate when needed; taking shape and size considerations into account can also help. Grouping eyeshadows or lipsticks from light to dark adds visual interest as well as making finding complementary shades easier – you might consider placing eyeshadows or lipsticks along gradients from light to dark for an attractive display that works.

Organization of your dressing table and cosmetics will make getting ready easier in the morning, while simultaneously decreasing clutter around the home. Plus, doing your makeup will become much more pleasurable – perhaps even becoming part of a daily pampering ritual! So, take our 9 tips for organizing makeup on a dressing table today – say goodbye to a disorganized bathroom or bedroom and hello to an organized vanity!