Are Professional Poker Players Gambling Addicts?

are professional poker players gambling addicts

Modern poker has seen dramatic popularity growth since it first gained popularity in the 1820s. While poker may involve skill and gambling elements, players must understand when their interest has crossed over into unhealthy addiction which may wreak havoc with their lives.

While some gamblers are able to control their behavior, others can become addicted. Addiction to gambling can have serious repercussions for someone’s life; when this occurs it is essential that treatment be sought immediately – there are numerous avenues available such as counselling or residential care that may assist an addict with their addiction.

As a professional poker player, it’s crucial that you monitor both your finances and any possible gambling addiction issues. Always keep your poker bankroll separate from all other funds in your possession and regularly review its entry and exit from your account. In addition, setting limits for how long you play each day and sticking to them are helpful strategies as is keeping a journal of your betting patterns so as to detect changes in betting habits over time.

Gambling sites can quickly become addictive when used to fund other activities, like travel and entertainment. Once hooked, it may be hard to break this habit, especially if large sums of money are being made. Many players even go beyond traditional betting to other forms like sports gambling or casino gaming.

Studies conducted in 2014 demonstrated that poker players are more prone to experiencing issues with gambling than other types of online gamblers, due to being younger and spending more time playing the game (Hopley, Wagner & Nicki 2014). Workaholism may also play a part in problematic gambling (Hopley et al).

Determine whether a poker player has a gambling problem can be challenging, since definitions vary widely. Recognizing warning signs and seeking treatment if you suspect you have an addiction is essential in taking care of yourself and those close to you. Gambling addictions can ruin lives and wreck relationships so it’s vital that any problems with gambling be discussed with someone you trust immediately or call an anonymous help line if there is one; don’t allow addiction destroy your family, career and health – there is hope of recovery which can be an empowering and enriching experience!