How to Find Low Volatility Slot Machines

how to find low volatility slot machines

At the casino of slot games, there is an assortment of styles and varieties to choose from. Each has their own special designs, features and themes; one key element to keep an eye out for when selecting a machine is volatility – this characteristic determines how often wins and losses occur; low volatility machines typically pay out smaller wins more frequently while higher volatility ones give out larger ones less frequently. This article will focus on finding low volatility slot machines along with some tips for how best to play them.

To assess a slot game’s volatility, take note of its minimum and maximum bet values. A high volatility slot usually features higher minimum bet values compared to its low volatility counterpart as well as extra bonus features like free spins, multipliers, scatters and wilds. Furthermore, active paylines play an important role; slots with nine or more active paylines tend to have greater volatility, making winning combinations harder to come about and thus increasing volatility levels significantly.

Another way of assessing a slot machine’s volatility is to observe its payout frequency and size of jackpots, cash prizes and rewards – this can give an idea of its riskiness. Furthermore, you might benefit from looking at its maximum betting limit as games with high volatility tend to offer smaller maximum stakes limits than those with lower volatility.

Volatility does not determine whether a player will win a jackpot, but can affect how long their gaming session lasts. High volatility slots tend to experience longer losing streaks than lower-volatility ones and therefore require a larger bankroll for long dry spells; but with patience it’s still possible to score big on high-volatility machines!

Finding low-volatility slot machines requires doing your research first and testing out each potential option before making a deposit. Many developers offer free versions of their games so players can try them risk-free; these demo versions will give an idea of how often and large rewards may come your way from that machine.

To assess a game’s volatility, set aside a small sum and play for some time. Make note of when and how often you win; small wins could indicate low volatility while long waits between wins could indicate high-volatility – the key is finding something you enjoy playing that fits with both your bankroll and entertainment preferences. Good luck!